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Current information

ETF new content development

28.03.2021 Development of 3D printing & charger

The homepage was expanded under the category development with the content 3D-print and with the content of the EnviroTechForge Charger project. Have fun while reading...

ETF Website in English

27.02.2021 Provision of the content in English

The homepage was translated today for global communication and will now also be available in English in the future

Mockup ETF-Universal Charger

26.02.2021 Foretaste of the Universal Charger

In the next few weeks, the EnviroTechForge Universal Charger project will be presented as a mockup on the site. The activities in the area are described.

Update - EnviroTechForge Site

21.02.2021 Optimizing the site for the future

In March & April 2021 the homepage will be rebuilt and optimized for the future. Exciting topics are also planned. Let yourself be surprised :)


Mockup EnviroTechForge Universal Charger


  The idea behind all

The main focus of this website is offering interesting trainings and webinars about microcontroller and single-board computers, as well as the usage of IoT (Internet of Things).

We want to inflame your passion for these topics and show you how quickly and with how little budget you can implement energy-saving technologies.


 The support of smaller projects which have additional value for the environment is very welcome and another affair close to the heart of EnviroTechForge.



What does stand for EnviroTechForge stand for?


EnviroTechForge is a composite of Environmental Technology Forge.


Let’s take a closer look: Environmental Technology means, that technologies which will make everyday life easier will be applied under environmentally friendly aspects. My life motto “Do it yourself!” plays a bigger part in that, because we can relieve the environment through self-energy production. Small changes in behaviour have a bigger impact if more people take part.



Forge refers to the accumulation of knowledge, to form and optimize it and create usable solutions. Our webinars will be the foundation for that. Secondly, forge means a network of interested parties who work together on ideas. Everyone offers their knowledge of different technologies. You could also say networking.